Handling of pre-computed Green’s functions and calculation of synthetic seismograms.

The subpackage splits functionality into several main submodules:

  • The module deals with the storage, retrieval and summation of Green’s functions.

  • The module provides data structures for the meta information associated with the Green’s function stores and implements various the Green’s function lookup indexing schemes.

  • The module defines a common base for Green’s function store builders.

  • The module provides high level synthetic seismogram synthesis.

  • The module provides data structures for different receiver types.

All classes defined in the submodules are imported into the namespace, so user scripts may simply use from pyrocko import gf or from import * for convenience.


Common base for Green's function store builders (fomosto).

Exception definitions.

Data model for Green's function store meta-data.

High level synthetic seismogram synthesis.

Simple async HTTP server

Storage, retrieval and summation of Green's functions.

C-extension supporting

Data structures representing the receivers for seismogram synthesis.

Traction field parameterizations used by PDR source.

Web service to distribute precomputed GFs (fomosto server).