Potsdam, 2020-02-25

Pyrocko-Box: a VM image with Pyrocko preinstalled

For our workshop at DGG 2021

We are happy to announce, that we got the opportunity to give a Pyrocko workshop at this year’s virtual DGG conference. For those interested in the workshop but who are unable attend it, we will release all workshop material here on

We have prepared a virtual machine image with Pyrocko, Kite, Grond, Lassie and some other nice tools, readily installed in a Debian GNU Linux 10 system. It can be run with the free VirtualBox software.

Download the image file to your computer, open VirtualBox and use Import Appliance… to import it. Running it will start up and auto-login to the Mate Desktop Environment. You can start our tools from the command line: open the Terminal app and e.g. type snuffler (see Snuffler tutorial).

  • There is currently an issue with selecting the keyboard layout because the icon to show the keyboard switch is hidden for some mysterious reasons. Right-clicking in the empty space just to the right of the three dots in the menu bar will bring up the keyboard layout switching menu.
  • User name for the VM is pyrocko, password is pyrocko101 (you have sudo rights).

For feedback on the Pyrocko-Box VM, have a chat with us at the friendly Pyrocko Hive.

The Pyrocko Developers