Command reference

squirrel template

Print configuration snippets.

squirrel template
usage: squirrel template [--help] [--loglevel LEVEL] [--progress DEST]
                         [--format FMT] [--write]

Available SNIPPETs

local.dataset:                 A typical collection of local files.
geofon.dataset:                Everything available through GEOFON.
iris-seis.dataset:             High- and low-gain seismometer channels from IRIS.
iris-seis-bb.dataset:          Broad-band high-gain seismometer channels from IRIS.
bgr-gr-lh.dataset:             LH channels for network GR from BGR.
gcmt-m7.dataset:               Global-CMT events with Mw >= 7.0.

Positional arguments:


Name of template snippet to print.


--format FMT, -f FMT

Set verbosity level of output YAML. Choices: commented, normal, brief. Default: commented.

--write, -w

Write to file.

General options:

--help, -h

Show this help message and exit.

--loglevel LEVEL

Set logger level. Choices: critical, error, warning, info, debug. Default: info.

--progress DEST

Set how progress status is reported. Choices: terminal, log, off. Default: terminal.