Command reference

squirrel persistent

Manage persistent selections.

squirrel persistent
usage: squirrel persistent [--help] [--loglevel LEVEL] [--progress DEST]
                           {list,delete} [names ...]

Usually, the contents of files given to Squirrel are made available within the application through a runtime selection which is discarded again when the application quits. Getting the cached meta-data into the runtime selection can be a bottleneck for application startup with large datasets. To speed up startup of Squirrel-based applications, persistent selections created with the --persistent option can be used.

This command allows to list and delete persistent selections.

Positional arguments:


Select action to perform.


Persistent selection names.

General options:

--help, -h

Show this help message and exit.

--loglevel LEVEL

Set logger level. Choices: critical, error, warning, info, debug. Default: info.

--progress DEST

Set how progress status is reported. Choices: terminal, log, off. Default: terminal.