Command reference

squirrel init

Create local environment.

squirrel init
usage: squirrel init [--help] [--loglevel LEVEL] [--progress DEST]

Squirrel based applications can either use the user’s global Squirrel environment or a project specific local environment. Running this command in a project’s top level directory creates a local environment. Any Squirrel application started thereafter in this directory or any of its subdirectories, will use the local enviroment instead of the global one.

The local enviroment consists of a directory .squirrel which contains the Squirrel’s database and a cache directory.

A local environment can be removed by removing its .squirrel directory.

The user’s global enviroment database resides in Pyrocko’s global cache directory, by default in $HOME/.pyrocko/cache/squirrel.

General options:

--help, -h

Show this help message and exit.

--loglevel LEVEL

Set logger level. Choices: critical, error, warning, info, debug. Default: info.

--progress DEST

Set how progress status is reported. Choices: terminal, log, off. Default: terminal.