Create result report.


grond report <rundir> ... [options]
grond report <configfile> <eventnames> ...


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


create index only

-s, --serve

start http service

-S, --serve-external

shortcut for –serve –host=default –fixed-port


<ip> to start the http server on. Special values for <ip>: “*” binds to all available interfaces, “default” to default external interface, “localhost” to “”.


set default http server port. Will count up if port is already in use unless –fixed-port is given.


fail if port is already in use

-o, --open

open report in browser


report configuration file to use


write configuration (or default configuration) to FILE


quick-and-dirty update parameter files without plotting


set number of runs to process in parallel, If set to more than one, –status=quiet is implied.


set number of threads per process (default: 1).Set to 0 to use all available cores.


don’t create archive file.


set logger level to “critical”, “error”, “warning”, “info”, or “debug”. Default is “info”.