plot_directivity(engine, source, store_id[, ...])

Plot the directivity and radiation characteristics of source models.

plot_directivity(engine, source, store_id, distance=300000.0, azi_begin=0.0, azi_end=360.0, dazi=1.0, phases={'P': 'first{stored:any_P}-10%', 'S': 'last{stored:any_S}+50'}, interpolation='multilinear', target_depth=0.0, quantity='displacement', envelope=False, component='R', fmin=0.01, fmax=0.1, hillshade=True, cmap=None, plot_mt='full', show_phases=True, show_description=True, reverse_time=False, show_nucleations=True, axes=None, nthreads=0)[source]

Plot the directivity and radiation characteristics of source models.

Synthetic seismic traces (R, T or Z) are forward-modelled at a defined radius, covering the full or partial azimuthal range and projected on a polar plot. Difference in the amplitude are enhanced by hillshading the data.

  • engine (Engine) – Forward modelling engine

  • source (Source) – Parametrized source model

  • store_id (str) – Store ID used for forward modelling

  • distance (float) – Distance in [m]

  • azi_begin (float) – Begin azimuth in [deg]

  • azi_end (float) – End azimuth in [deg]

  • dazi (float) – Delta azimuth, bin size [deg]

  • phases (dict with str keys and Timing values) – Phases to define start and end of time window

  • quantity (str) – Seismogram quantity, default displacement

  • envelope (bool) – Plot envelope instead of seismic trace

  • component (str) – Forward modelled component, default R. Choose from RTZ

  • fmin (float) – Bandpass lower frequency [Hz], default 0.01

  • fmax (float) – Bandpass upper frequency [Hz], default 0.1

  • hillshade (bool) – Enable hillshading, default True

  • cmap (str) – Matplotlib colormap to use, default seismic. When envelope is True the default colormap will be Reds.

  • plot_mt (str, bool) – Plot a centered moment tensor, default full. Choose from full, deviatoric, dc or False

  • show_phases (bool) – Show annotations, default True

  • show_description (bool) – Show description, default True

  • reverse_time (bool) – Reverse time axis. First phases arrive at the center, default False

  • show_nucleations (bool) – Show nucleation piercing points on the moment tensor, default True

  • axes (matplotlib.axes.Axes) – Give axes to plot into

  • nthreads (int) – Number of threads used for forward modelling, default 0 - all available cores