Installation under Anaconda

Anaconda, is a cross-platform Python distribution with its own package manager conda. There are two versions: Anaconda3 for Python 3 and Anaconda2 for Python 2. Pyrocko can be installed under either of them.

Anaconda3 and 2 using conda

As of Pyrocko 2017.11, pre-built packages are available for Linux 64-Bit and MacOS. You can use can use the conda package manager to install Pyrocko framwork:

Pre-build Pyrocko packages are available for Anaconda3 and 2 on Linux64 and OSX
conda install -c pyrocko pyrocko

More information available at

Anaconda: update to latest Pyrocko version (master branch)

All dependencies should be resolved by a previous conda install. You can then go ahead and use pip to update Pyrocko from source

Anaconda’s pip can install straight from the Git repository
pip install git+

Anaconda (compilation from source)

Compile from sources
conda install pyqt=5
conda install progressbar
cd `conda info --root`

mkdir src
cd src
git clone
cd pyrocko
python install

For instructions on how to install Pyrocko on other systems or if the installation with the above procedure fails, see Python package manager installations or Detailed installation instructions.