Installation under Anaconda

Anaconda, is a cross-platform Python distribution with its own package manager conda. For a more lightweight installation, consider installing Miniconda. Only the Python 3 version, Anaconda3/Miniconda3 is supported for Pyrocko versions above v2021.04.02.

From binary packages using conda

Pre-built packages are available for 64-bit Linux, MacOS and Windows. You can use can use the conda package manager to install the Pyrocko framework:

Pre-built Pyrocko conda packages are available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
conda install -c pyrocko pyrocko

More information available at

From source

Here’s how to download, compile and install the latest Pyrocko version under Anaconda on Linux or MacOS. For Windows source installs, please refer to Installation on Windows: From source.

Compile from source
conda install setuptools numpy scipy matplotlib pyqt pyyaml progressbar2 requests jinja2 nose
cd `conda info --root`
mkdir src
cd src
git clone pyrocko
cd pyrocko
python install

For instructions on how to install Pyrocko on other systems or if the installation with the above procedure fails, see Python package manager installations or Detailed installation instructions.