Detailed installation instructions

Pyrocko can be installed on every operating system where its prerequisites are available. This document describes how to install Pyrocko on Unix-like operating systems, like Linux and Mac OS X.

Explicit listings of the commands needed to install Pyrocko are given in section


The following software packages must be installed before Pyrocko can be installed from source:

Download and install Pyrocko

Use git to download the software package and the included script to install:

cd ~/src/   # or wherever you keep your source packages
git clone pyrocko
cd pyrocko
sudo python install

Note: If you have previously installed Pyrocko using other tools like e.g. easy_install or pip, you should manually remove the old installation - otherwise you will end up with two parallel installations of Pyrocko which will cause trouble.


If you later would like to update Pyrocko, run the following commands (this assumes that you have used git to download Pyrocko):

cd ~/src/pyrocko   # assuming the Pyrocko source package is here
git pull origin master
sudo python install