Source code for pyrocko.scenario.sources.rectangularsource

# - GPLv3
# The Pyrocko Developers, 21st Century
# ---|P------/S----------~Lg----------

Rectangular fault random source generator.

import numpy as num

from pyrocko.guts import Float, Int
from pyrocko import moment_tensor, gf, util

from .base import SourceGenerator

km = 1e3
guts_prefix = 'pf.scenario'

[docs]class RectangularSourceGenerator(SourceGenerator): depth_min = Float.T( default=0.0) depth_max = Float.T( default=5*km) decimation_factor = Int.T( default=4) strike = Float.T( optional=True) dip = Float.T( optional=True) rake = Float.T( optional=True) depth = Float.T( optional=True) width = Float.T( optional=True) length = Float.T( optional=True) def get_source(self, ievent): rstate = self.get_rstate(ievent) time = self.time_min + rstate.uniform( 0., float(self.time_max - self.time_min)) # hptime aware lat, lon = self.get_latlon(ievent) depth = rstate.uniform(self.depth_min, self.depth_max) magnitude = self.draw_magnitude(rstate) moment = moment_tensor.magnitude_to_moment(magnitude) # After Mai and Beroza (2000) length = num.exp(-6.27 + 0.4*num.log(moment)) width = num.exp(-4.24 + 0.32*num.log(moment)) length = length if not self.length else self.length width = width if not self.width else self.width depth = depth if not self.depth else self.depth if self.strike is None and self.dip is None and self.rake is None: strike, rake = rstate.uniform(-180., 180., 2) dip = rstate.uniform(0., 90.) else: if None in (self.strike, self.dip, self.rake): raise ValueError( 'RectangularSourceGenerator: ' 'strike, dip, rake must be used in combination.') strike = self.strike dip = self.dip rake = self.rake source = gf.RectangularSource( time=util.to_time_float(time), lat=float(lat), lon=float(lon), anchor='top', depth=float(depth), length=float(length), width=float(width), strike=float(strike), dip=float(dip), rake=float(rake), magnitude=magnitude, decimation_factor=self.decimation_factor) return source def add_map_artists(self, automap): for source in self.get_sources(): automap.gmt.psxy( in_rows=source.outline(cs='lonlat'), L='+p2p,black', W='1p,black', G='black', t=50, *automap.jxyr)