Source code for pyrocko

# - GPLv3
# The Pyrocko Developers, 21st Century
# ---|P------/S----------~Lg----------

A toolbox and library for seismology.

import sys

    from .info import *  # noqa
    __version__ = version  # noqa
except ImportError:
    pass  # not available in dev mode

grumpy = 0  # noqa

def get_logger():
    from .util import logging
    return logging.getLogger('pyrocko')

class ExternalProgramMissing(Exception):

[docs]def app_init(log_level='info', progress_viewer='terminal', program_name=None): ''' Setup logging and progress indicators for Pyrocko scripts. This is a shortcut for calling :py:func:`pyrocko.util.setup_logging` and :py:func:`pyrocko.progress.set_default_viewer`. :param program_name: ``programname`` argument for :py:func:`pyrocko.util.setup_logging` :type program_name: str :param log_level: ``levelname`` argument for :py:func:`pyrocko.util.setup_logging` :type log_level: str :param progress_viewer: ``viewer`` argument for :py:func:`pyrocko.progress.set_default_viewer` ''' from pyrocko import util, progress if program_name is None: program_name = sys.argv[0] util.setup_logging(sys.argv[0], log_level) progress.set_default_viewer(progress_viewer)
def make_squirrel(*args, **kwargs): from pyrocko.squirrel import Squirrel return Squirrel(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]def snuffle(*args, **kwargs): ''' Start Snuffler. Calls :py:func:`pyrocko.gui.snuffler.snuffler.snuffle` ''' from pyrocko import deps deps.require('PyQt5.Qt') from pyrocko.gui.snuffler import snuffler return snuffler.snuffle(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]def sparrow(*args, **kwargs): ''' Start Sparrow. Calls :py:func:`pyrocko.gui.sparrow.main`. ''' from pyrocko import deps deps.require('vtk') deps.require('PyQt5.Qt') # deps.import_optional('kite', 'InSAR visualization') from pyrocko.gui.sparrow.main import main return main(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]def drum(*args, **kwargs): ''' Start Drum Plot. Calls :py:func:`pyrocko.gui.drum.main`. ''' from pyrocko import deps deps.require('PyQt5.Qt') deps.require('serial') from pyrocko.gui.drum.main import main return main(*args, **kwargs)