Potsdam, 2021-10-04

Pyrocko has a new home base: UPCODES at the University of PotsdamΒΆ

For a very long time, we from Team Pyrocko have been advocating that long-term sustainability in research software can only be achieved by allocating permanent resources to its development and maintenance. Therefore, we are very pleased about the launch of UPCODES - University of Potsdam Code Development for Seismology. With this newly founded laboratory, the University of Potsdam is expanding its commitment to support open source software development by providing a long-term home base for Pyrocko.

We feel highly honoured to be part of this initiative and recognize that this is an exceptional situation in our field of research. First fruits of this effort are already on the way. For example with the release of Pyrocko v2021.06.29 we are able to support the Windows platform for the first time. This will make it much easier for many of our (and your!) students to use the Pyrocko tools. With proper permanent funding, such sustainable improvements can be achieved and - more importantly - also maintained on the long term.

Many thanks to the University of Potsdam!

Team Pyrocko