iload(paths, segment=None, format='detect', database=None, check=True, skip_unchanged=False, content=['waveform', 'station', 'channel', 'response', 'event'], show_progress=True, update_selection=None)[source]

Iteratively load content or index/reindex meta-information from files.

  • paths (iterator yielding str or Selection) – Iterator yielding file names to load from or a Squirrel selection object providing the file names.

  • segment (int) – File-specific segment identifier (can only be used when loading from a single file).

  • format (str) – File format identifier or 'detect' for autodetection. When loading from a selection, per-file format assignation is taken from the hint in the selection and this flag is ignored.

  • database (Database) – Database to use for meta-information caching. When loading from a selection, this should be None and the database from the selection is used.

  • check (bool) – If True, investigate modification time and file sizes of known files to debunk modified files (pessimistic mode), or False to deactivate checks (optimistic mode).

  • skip_unchanged (bool) – If True, only yield index nuts for new / modified files.

  • content (list of str) – Selection of content types to load.

This generator yields Nut objects for individual pieces of information found when reading the given files. Such a nut may represent a waveform, a station, a channel, an event or other data type. The nut itself only contains the meta-information. The actual content information is attached to the nut if requested. All nut meta-information is stored in the squirrel meta-information database. If possible, this function avoids accessing the actual disk files and provides the requested information straight from the database. Modified files are recognized and reindexed as needed.


Determine file type from first 512 bytes.


path (str) – Path to file.


Get list of file formats supported by Squirrel.


Get list of supported content kinds offered through Squirrel.


Get squirrel io backend module for a given file format.


fmt (str) – Format identifier.

exception FormatDetectionFailed(path)[source]

Bases: FileLoadError

Exception raised when file format detection fails.

exception UnknownFormat(format)[source]

Bases: Exception

Exception raised when user requests an unknown file format.