Prompt seismological data access with a fluffy tail.

This is the reference manual for the Squirrel framework. It describes the API of the pyrocko.squirrel subpackage. For a conceptual overview see Squirrel - Data access infrastructure. A tutorial describing the API usage is provided at Examples: Squirrel powered data access.


Public symbols implemented in the various submodules are aggregated into the pyrocko.squirrel namespace for use in user programs:

from pyrocko.squirrel import Squirrel

sq = Squirrel()

Implementation overview

The central class and interface of the framework is Squirrel, part of it is implemented in its base class Selection. Core functionality directly talking to the database is implemented in base, selection and database. The data model of the framework is implemented in model. User project environment detection is implemented in environment. Portable dataset description in dataset. A unified IO interface bridging to various Pyrocko modules outside of the Squirrel framework is available in io. Memory cache management is implemented in cache. Compatibility with Pyrocko’s older waveform archive access module is implemented in pile.