Squirrel online earthquake catalog client.


CatalogSource(catalog[, query_args])

Squirrel data-source to transparently access online earthquake catalogs.

class CatalogSource(catalog, query_args=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Source

Squirrel data-source to transparently access online earthquake catalogs.

The catalog source maintains and synchronizes a partial copy of the online catalog, e.g. of all events above a certain magnitude. The time span for which the local copy of the catalog should be up-to date is maintained automatically be Squirrel. Data is loaded and updated in chunks as needed in a just-in-time fashion. Data validity can optionally expire after a given period of time and new data can be treated to be preliminary. In both cases information will be refreshed as needed.



Catalog name.


dict of str objects, optional

Common arguments, which are appended to all queries, e.g. to constrain location, depth or magnitude ranges.


float (pyrocko.guts.Duration), optional

Expiration time [s]. Information older than this will be refreshed, i.e. queried again.


float (pyrocko.guts.Duration), optional

Anxiety period [s]. Information will be treated as preliminary if it was younger than this at the time of its retrieval. Preliminary information is refreshed on each query relevant to it.


str, optional

Directory path where the partial local copy of the catalog is kept. By default the Squirrel environment’s cache directory is used.