Basic station files

This simple text file format can be used to hold the most basic seismic station meta-information: station coordinates and channel orientations.


DK.BSD.  55.11390    14.91470     88.0   0.0 Bornholm Skovbrynet, Denmark
  BHE    90     0     1
  BHN     0     0     1
  BHZ     0   -90     1
GE.FLT1. 52.33060    11.23720    100.0   0.0
  BHE    90     0     1
  BHN     0     0     1
  BHZ     0   -90     1
GE.RGN.  54.54770    13.32140     15.0   2.0 GRSN/GEOFON Station Ruegen
GE.STU.  48.77190    9.19500     360.0  10.0

The file should consist of station lines optionally alternating with blocks of channel lines. A station line has at least 5 words separated by an arbitrary number of white-space characters:

<network>.<station>.<location> <lat> <lon> <elevation> <depth> <description>
  • the dots in <network>.<station>.<location> are mandatory, even if some of the entries are empty, i.e. a station with no network and location code must be written as .STA.

  • <elevation> and <depth> must be given in [m]

  • <description> is optional and may contain blanks

Channel lines have of four white-space separated words:

<channel> <azimuth> <dip> <gain>
  • <azimuth> and <dip> define the sensor component orientation [deg], azimuth is measured clockwise from north, dip is measured downward from horizontal

  • <gain> should be set to 1, use StationXML, SAC Pole-Zero, or RESP files for proper instrument response handling

Use the library function pyrocko.model.station.load_stations() and pyrocko.model.station.dump_stations() to read and write basic station files.